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Vip Memberships

Get the most out of your Ark Nerds experience!

Become a VIP today!

Are you ready to take your ArkNerds.com experience to the next level? Or just looking to help support out great community? As a way of saying thank you to our supporters we offer various VIP membership’s that give our supporters access to exclusive content that will help you get the most out of our cluster of PVP servers. Start taking advantage of your new VIP membership with instant activation.

Standard VIP Membership

Unlock exclusive kits and earn twice the points!

As a standard VIP member you will earn twice the amount of points per hour vs a regular non VIP member. You will also gain access to the VIP exclusive kits available in the shop. As a thank you, all VIP Members are given 3 special kits they can redeem per wipe. These kits can include structures for bases, dinosaurs, weapons and more! Check out our current seasons kits below!

GOLD VIP Membership

All of the perks of standard VIP plus 3x the points!

Take your experience to the next level with the VIP Gold membership! As a Gold VIP member you’ll receive all of the awesome benefits of standard VIP! Gold Members get access to additional exclusive kits in the shop. You will also be given an alpha badge displayed in-game next to your name in chat and have the ability to permanently color your dinosaurs to your liking!

Current FREE VIP Kits Available

Part of becoming a VIP member give you access to the below kits. These kits can be claimed instantly after signing up for your membership. To claim your free kits you would simply type /kit 15xvip1 , 15xvip2 or 15xvip3 and must be done separately. The free VIP kits are updated each season and can only be claimed once per season.


/kit 25xvip11 includes ASC Longneck, ASC Fabricated Sniper, ASC Fabricated Pistol, ASC Pump-Action Shotgun


/kit 25xvip22 includes ASC Quetz Platform Saddle, ASC Rex Saddle x2, ASC Tropeognathus Saddle


/kit 25xvip33 includes Industrial Forge x2, Industrial Grill x2, Tek Turret x4, Heavy Auto Turret x6

Permanently color your dinosaurs

A gold VIP membership exclusive allows players to color each of the 5 specific regions of their dinosaurs exactly the way they want. Changing the color of your dinosaur is very easy. This is done by looking at the target dinosaur and typing in chat /sdc dino-color-region color-id. You can look up the specific color regions here, and the available color ID’s here. An example would be to change the color of the head on your tek rex to red, you would type /sdc 0 1.