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Server Information

Browse the List of Ark Nerds servers and related information

Our Ark Survival Servers

Server Online  Players: 0/70
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Server Online  Players: 10/70
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The Island
Server Online  Players: 1/70
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Server Online  Players: 1/70
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The Center
Server Online  Players: 4/70
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Server Online  Players: 2/70
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Server Online  Players: 2/70
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Ark Workshop Content

Below you can find a list of the current mods hosted on the Ark Nerds PvP cluster. You can browse each mod individually or visit the ArkNerds.com mod collection page on Steam and subscribe to all mods at once. Visit the ArkNerds.com Mod Collection on Steam!

Automated Ark 812655342
Structures Plus 731604991
Platforms Plus 719928795
Ultra Stacks 761535755
Naj’s Speedy Flyers 1083349027
Tek Helper 916807417
Utilities Plus 899250777

Death Helper 566885854
Editable Server UI 924619115
Domination Rex 1445395055
Engram Unlocker 958439036
Classic Rocket Launcher 884380337
Dino Tracker 924933745
Tranquilizing Hunting Rifle 1448118781

Ark Nerds Server Configuration

Our current rates, multipliers and additional settings can be found below. Specific dinos and certain resources have varying multipliers but for the most part the rates below reflect a majority of our current settings.

  • Max wild dino level ~ 150
  • Dino levels after tame ~ 200
  • Player levels ~ 199 + Ascension
  • Harvest rate ~ x30
  • Taming rate ~ x30
  • Experience rate ~ x30
  • Egg hatch multiplier ~ x30
  • Baby mature speed ~ x60
  • Imprinting stat scale ~ x3
  • Cuddle Interval ~ x30
  • Mating Interval ~ 0.05
  • Max tamed dinos ~ 800 per tribe
  • Structure damage ~ x2
  • Cave damage ~ x6
  • Turret limit ~ 1,000
  • Max platform saddle dinos on server ~ 1,000
  • Player resistance ~ x2
  • 20 second PvP respawn timer