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Learn and follow all rules

At ArkNerds.com we try to stick towards the core of the game mechanics. This is a PvP server. However please be respectful of our rules and community guidelines.


Insta-ban will be given for:
– Any form of racism or discrimination.
– Any form of hacking / cheating / intentional exploiting.
– Foul and vulgar language in global chat.


  • You CANNOT build under the mesh. If caught building under the mesh or meshing in general you will be permanently banned from ArkNerds.com. You are only allowed to build in places that are meant to be built in. If you have to manipulate the game to get into a spot then you are not allowed to build there ie: knocking yourself out, grapple required ex. you are not allowed to build there. (If you have questions about the spot in question please contact an Admin)
  • Play Are Allowed to build in “rat holes” so long as they have a clear opening and do not grant access to the mesh or require abusive mechanics like teleporters or walking through solid walls to get into.
  • All structures require foundation support from the terrain. Manipulating mechanics to circumvent foundation support requirements will result in being admin wiped. NO FLOATING STRUCTURES.
  • Spam may only be placed around an actual base or a FOB during a raid. Randomly spamming structures around the map or around other players bases as harassment ( when there is no raid ), excessive spam that causes server load issues, random turrets on the ground ex.. will be removed at an admin’s discretion. You CAN place turrets during OSD’s on Extinction, these turrets will need to be removed right away after completing the OSD.
  • This is a PvP server but please be respectful of new tribes and players just getting started. An established tribe going and raiding new players will result in corrective actions. Give them a chance to build a proper base and defend themselves. Stone bases or bases that do not have turrets are off limits unless they have been given ample time to build up. (You should have turrets up as quickly as possible)
  • The following locations are not allowed to be built in,
    – Ice Cave Island
    – Pearl Cave Center
    – Shadow Cave Abberation
    – Spider Cave Valguero
    – North snow cave Center

Platform Saddle Dino Rules

  • With dinosaurs that utilize platform saddles you may block the rider. You cannot create turret line of sight shielding such as building a box around the dino or using hatch frames to avoid taking turret damage. All structures need to be placed on the platform itself and not extend 1 vanilla wall legnth down and no more than 4 vanilla walls in height. The only exclusion is if the dino is currently being used for farming, such as a ramp on a quetz. This ramp would need to be removed prior to using said dino in a raid. No tunneling builds on platform saddles.
  • You are not allowed to put healing plants on platform saddles.

Rules of Engagement

  • No tunnel building. Placing foundation above or below a base to build walls up or down to tunnel with ceilings or walls to the walls of another base to avoid turrets is strictly forbidden. Do not use exploits to circumvent enemy build radiuses.
  •  While under new player protection you are not allowed to attack, soak or raid any base. To remove new player protection type ( !npp disable ) in chat. Players caught abusing this system will be permanately banned.
  •  After you are done raiding all structures need to be removed. Structures that are not cleaned up could be admin wiped which if in excess wiping all of a tribes structures will be utilized to avoid excessive amounts of time an admin spends cleaning up your mess.
  •  Mutators can only be used on your own tribe’s dinos.

General Rules

  • Do not make personal attacks against other members. It is okay to talk shit but personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is a game, don’t make it personal. If you make personal attacks on someone you risk being banned.
    Open world PvP is fine but ”Griefing” and repeatedly killing a Bob over and over is not allowed. (This rule does not protect people provoking others to attack them)
  • No mesh hitting or biting through walls or surfaces with the intent of destroying things on the other side illegitimately.
  • Maximum cage timer is 24 hours. (Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid if it exceeds 1 day.)
  • Do not “popcorn”, this means mass dropping items from your inventory into individual bags. This includes throwing out all of your cryo-dinos at once, unwanted loot from raids or dropping loot when you are facing imminent death or base wipe. The “Drop All” function is allowed.
  • ”Insiding” is frowned upon but not forbidden, it is up to you to judge the character of your Tribe-members. Servers will not be rolled back no matter who you are in cases of insiding.
  • This is a PvP server please concentrate on building a base and defenses as soon as possible before breeding and taming a bunch of Dinos. It is not against the rules to have your dinosaurs ”Meat Ran” make sure you can defend your Dinos before taming a bunch of them. You lose admin protection if your provoke other players to attack you.

Please remember that this is a game, we are all here to have fun. Don’t be toxic, be respectful and Join the Discord for additional information and to contact the Admins/Owner.

ArkNerds as a community reserves the right to ban any player for any reason.